Subscription Boxes – Useful or Treat?

Subscription boxes are everywhere these days and there’s good reason for that – they make life easier/better. There are two main types of subscription box, either for “useful” products which you need every month (think razors, hygiene products, food, coffee), or “treat” boxes (think beauty, hobbies, luxury products).

Taking out a “useful” subscription is a great way to simplify your life – food boxes help with planning and reduce food waste / coffee boxes are tailored to the amount you drink each month / razors are sent out when you need them. It’s an easy way to make sure you have everything you need delivered to the door without having to think about it each month.

Whereas “treat” boxes are an excellent way to top up your enjoyment levels each month (it’s even better if you forget your box is arriving!). Even though money is tight for everyone at the moment, a bit of self-care is vitally important to your wellbeing.

Both types of box have a wide audience and serve a useful purpose – but what if there were a subscription box which combines both of those options? Read on to find out more……

pamper box mini

Here at La Zouch Soaps we create useful products with a bit of luxury – our soaps are so moisturising you’ll barely use hand or body cream anymore; our bathroom products all use essential oils for a truly uplifting, natural aroma; our wax products have a lovely strong scent throw and last for ages. We believe that “luxury/treats” should be part of everyday life and they can also be value for money too.

Why buy a soap which strips your hands of natural oils, which then means you then spend more money buying a moisturiser? Why buy a candle which only has scent at the top, not all the way down? Why have a functional shower or bath when you could bask in the scent of essential oils which help with your wellbeing? As we all know, sometimes a saving isn’t actually a saving at all!

We think you deserve better, so we’ve created a selection of subscription boxes so you can receive quality products, which are truly useful, at a decent price – starting from only £9.50 per month, with free postage.

Best of all, if you subscribe then the price of each box is less than buying the products individually. So you’re getting a little bit of useful luxury each month, while actually saving money!

Take a look at our Subscription box page for monthly payment options, or, if you’d like to give a six month or one year subscription as a gift, take a look at our gift subscriptions page. If you’d like a bespoke subscription instead, just email us and we’ll create one just for you. Happy subscribing!

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