Wholesale Soap

If you run a shop and would like to buy any of our products wholesale then please get in touch. We can also White Label most products if you’d like your own branded lines.

Our soap has no SLS, parabens or additives, is vegan and not tested on animals. We use mica for colour and essential oils for scent. We also have non scented bars which are ideal for sensitive skin.

Wholesale offers

We are members of several wholesale platforms, via them we can offer:
– 60 days payment terms
– 60 days returns

– Discounts on our wholesale rates (depending on the platform)
Free shipping.
If you’d like to discuss a wholesale soap order just email us and we’ll share the options available.

We also make candles, lip balms, shower steamers, room/pillow sprays, wax melts and wax tablet air fresheners, which can also be White Labelled if required.

Wholesale Soap

activated charcoal soap
Activated Charcoal
lavender soap
peppermint soap
coconut milk soap
Coconut Milk
lemon and poppy seed soap
Lemon & Poppy
rosemary soap
cucumber soap
oatmeal soap

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