Moisturising Soap

Step into a cleansing paradise right in your own shower with the luxurious lather of moisturising shea and mango butter soaps. These creamy cleansers are a match made in skin-loving heaven, combining the rich moisture of shea butter with the vibrant, antioxidant-packed punch of mango.

As the lather kisses your skin, shea butter’s legendary emollient properties work their magic, melting away dryness and leaving behind a velvety softness. Vitamins A and E from both butters join forces to fight free radicals and keep your skin youthful and radiant.

But the benefits go beyond just surface beauty. The anti-inflammatory properties of shea butter soothe irritation, while mango butter’s fatty acids help reduce dryness. Whether you have dry, sensitive, or mature skin, these buttery bars offer a gentle yet effective cleansing experience.

So ditch the harsh, drying soaps and embrace the pampering power of shea and mango butter. Your skin will thank you, one luxurious lather at a time.

Choose from our wide selection of moisturising shea and mango butter soaps below. All Soaps £5 each, or see Offers here.

activated charcoal soap

Activated Charcoal

coconut milk soap

Coconut Milk

lavender soap


lemongrass and pine soap

Lemongrass + Pine

oatmeal soap


rose geranium soap

Rose Geranium

tea tree soap

Tea Tree

Cedarwood and juniper soap

Cedarwood + Juniper

coffee and clove soap

Coffee + Clove

lemon and poppy seed soap

Lemon + Poppy

lime and patchouli soap

Lime + Patchouli

peppermint soap


rosemary soap


turmeric soap


citronella soap


Eucalyptus and patchouli soap

Eucalyptus + Patchouli

lemon and thyme soap

Lemon + Thyme

neroli and bergamot soap

Neroli + Bergamot

pink grapefruit and may chang

Pink Grapefruit + May Chang

Sweet Orange and Neroli soap

Sweet Orange + Neroli

Ylang Ylang Soap

Ylang Ylang

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