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Home fragrance is the art of infusing your living space with inviting scents, transforming it into a haven for the senses. Imagine stepping into a cozy living room, enveloped by the warm glow of candlelight and a comforting aroma. Or picture a crisp morning breeze carrying the fresh scent of lavender through an airy bedroom. These are just a few of the evocative experiences that home fragrance can create.

From the soft, flickering flames of scented candles to the gentle fragrance of reed diffusers, we have a home fragrance option to suit every style and preference. For a touch of luxury, indulge in a hand-poured scented candle, or create a spa-like atmosphere with a diffuser filling your home with a continuous stream of delightful fragrance.

Home fragrance is about creating a mood and enhancing your well-being. So, why not discover the joy of living in a space that smells as good as it feels?

Home Fragrance Products


Hand poured Candles

wax brittle cinnamon brioche

Wax Brittle

wax air freshener bluebell

Wax Air Fresheners

reed diffuser

Diffusers 100g

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