La Zouch Soaps Offers

Offers are always lovely to receive, so we’ve put together a La Zouch Soaps Offers page so we can share any new offers we create.

Recommend a Friend
We have a referral/recommend a friend programme where both you and your friends can get 10% off any order over £10.
Simply click on the orange gift button at the bottom of the page and join or sign in. You’ll then see a unique code for you to share with your friends.
If they buy via that link, they’ll get 10% off any orders over £10, and you’ll get the same on your next purchase over £10. (Cannot combine more than one discount per cart).

Offer 1
Spend over £60 in one order and receive a free soap! We’ll include an extra soap automatically with your order.

Offer 2
Buy 2 candles in one purchase and save £2 by using the code ‘candle’ at checkout.

We’ll be adding to our La Zouch Soaps Offers page as we develop new products, so keep on checking by and happy shopping! Alternatively, why not join our Soap Club and we’ll email you our offers and new product updates.

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