Eco-friendly Candles and Wax Products

We hand make a collection of eco-friendly candles and wax products, including wax air fresheners and wax melts which go well with our soap collection.

All our wax products are made with a vegan rapeseed and coconut wax blend which has a strong scent throw so your room will smell beautiful!

We use lovely amber jars for our hand poured candles so you can see the flame flickering as the candle burns.

Our wax air fresheners are designed to scent small spaces, so they’re perfect for under the stairs or a small cupboard or room. Once the scent fades you can then break them up and use them in your wax melt burner, so they’re a 2 in 1 product!

We use the same scents in our wax melts, so if you’re not sure if you’d like a particular scent, try some melts and see what you think.

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