Soap Bundles

Our Soap Bundles are a great way to try various types of soap, all designed for different tastes. We have boxes that smell amazing, for different kinds of skin, for types of activites, or simply make your own!

Best of all, you get a discount when you buy a soap bundle, so it’s only £14 for 3 soaps.

relaxing soap bundle
DIY Soap Bundle,
aroma soap bundle
Aroma Soap Bundle
mens soap bundle
Men’s Soap Bundle,
guest soap bundle
Guest Soap Bundle,
detox soap bundle
Detox Soap Bundle,
cleanse box mini
Soap Subscription Boxes
from £9.50 pm
dry skin bundle
Dry Skin Soap Bundle,
relaxing soap bundle
Relaxing Soap Bundle,
little gifts
Little Gifts,
from £4.50

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